Principles of Human Resource Development

In HR Division we are committed to establishing a fair, just and open environment, a system of people-oriented management, and a mechanism apt for individual potential development. Besides achieving corporate visions in HR, we also endeavor to provide every employee with sufficient room for individual goals.
1.In recruiting and employing process, we attach great importance to the applicants' capability, potentials, personality, education and experience, and abide by the principle of just selection and open competition to take in the talented. Every year lots of new college graduates nationwide are recruited as our talent reserve, and then assigned to important posts after training and on-job practice.

2. Internal employees enjoy preference than outside applicants when vacant positions come up. With high respect to employees' individual freedom and the principle that corporate goal should be combined with individual will, we create such mechanism for internal posts exchange to ensure the flexibility of different jobs.

3. Salary is supposed to accord with the significance of the post, the scale of job responsibility, capability, contribution, experience, etc. The match of salary with job should be corresponding, fair and just.

4. We endeavor to bring good life for all --- the company as well as every employee. One of corporate goals is to enhance employees' salary and living conditions at the same pace with the company's growth. The company makes every effort to build up an environment of equality, affluence and democracy.

5. We bend our mind on how to explore employees' potential, what incentives and promotion measures to be taken, and how to encourage employees to take the initiative in working, innovation and creation. For every post, we have made a career development plan, so as to encourage and reward employees' progress, growth and success. A variety of awards have been set up, such as Duty Award, Monthly Achievement Award, Quarterly Achievement Award, Progress Award, Service Award, Excellent Employee Award, Most Outstanding Employee Award, Special Award and so on.

6. The company adopts the top-down target management policy. Employees set up personal targets according to company objectives, while the company offers training opportunities to employees and meet their reasonable requirements about equipment, staff, cooperation, etc. Thus the company and employees come into an organic whole. In fact, such target management underlies the performance assessment system of the company.

7. The principle of promotion focuses on contribution as well as personality. We believe all employees are capable, yet possibly some of them did not had their ability shown at the moment. Every employee has the opportunity of promotion, as long as they keep making contribution to the company.

8.According to the amount of contribution and the assessment of work performance, it is unavoidable to find out someone not performing so well. allowing new faces to join in the company. It is natural for a company having such flexibility and change in HR to keep refreshed and vigorous.

9. We endeavor to set up a comprehensive training system, to constantly supply employees with new knowledge, skills, methods, and new thoughts, with a view of enriching employees’ wisdom and helping them achieve greater success.